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Performance Roofing Systems, Inc.

Service & Repair

Performance Roofing Systems truckAnother division that has made PRS a leader in the industry is the Repair and Maintenance Department. Our repair crew is available for any job whether it's a small curb flashing, or an extensive job requiring roof removal upon finding leaks. Our repair crew is very experienced and can perform service on a number of roofing systems such as fully adhered, ballast, built-up, mechanically fastened, metal retrofit, or green roofing systems. No matter if the leak is large or small our repair crew will find it. Our experienced technicians have a wide variety of skills and can perform all of the following:

Our philosophy is based on the premise that a building owner should get the longest life possible from his present roof. We help owners achieve this by responding quickly to all repair calls, before potential damage to the building or its interior can occur. With proper repair and maintenance, the chance of premature roof failure can be prevented, saving the owner the time and expense of re-roofing.

For any questions or concerns regarding a specific repair, or to schedule a new repair, please dial (262) 628-3648 or email us at prs@performanceroofing.net.

For emergency assistance please dial (800) 398-7073.