Fully-Adhered = Full Coverage

While no single roofing system fits all buildings, a fully-adhered roof delivers many advantages. Thick membranes (EDPM rubber), ranging from 45mm to 90mm are fully-adhered with approved bonding adhesive over insulation. The insulation is mechanically fastened to the roof deck. While labor-intensive, the process creates a watertight roof like no other construction technique.

When compared to a ballasted roof, a fully-adhered EDPM roof is much lighter in weight. Buildings with a fully-adhered roofing system enjoy energy efficiency and reduced condensation as well as impressive durability. A fully-adhered system delivers improved aesthetics and reduced noise to building occupants due to the elimination of wind flutter. A fully-adhered roof is easy to walk on, and in the unlikely event of a water issue leaks are easily found and repaired.

A fully-adhered roof has a life expectancy of 25 – 30 years and is a true investment in your building.

  • Durable
  • Great Uplift Protection
  • Low Maintenance
  • Entire Roof is Visible
  • Highly Reflective/UV Resistance
  • Relatively Light in Weight
  • Highest Degree of Stability
  • Easy to Walk On

For the past 23 years, Performance Roofing Systems has been recognized by the leading manufacturer of EDPM materials for their quality workmanship – achieving over 1,000+ perfect roof installations.

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