Mechanically Fastened

Securely Fastened

Mechanically fastened roofs deliver many of the benefits of a fully adhered roof, without the full price tag. Mechanically fastened roofs use a strong membrane, EDPM or TPO. The membrane is mechanically fastened at intervals of 12 inches on-center. The high number of fastening points, especially around the perimeter, help mechanically fastened roofs deliver an especially high wind-uplift rating.
  • Reasonable Cost of Installation
  • Low Maintenance
  • No odors or VOCs
  • Light Weight
  • Choice of Membrane (EDPM or TPO)
  • Ideal Choice for Moderate Winds

“Our mechanically fastened roof was worth the extra cost because it provides additional protection against the high winds we frequently experience here.”

– Sheboygan Distribution Facility Manager

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