Service & Repair

Performance Roofing System’s experienced Service & Repair team is available to help protect and extend the life of your current roofing system. Proper maintenance reduces the likelihood of leaks and premature roof failure. Contact PRS for any of these maintenance services:

  • Roof Leak Tracking and Repair
  • Roof Inspections
  • Drainage Improvement
  • Architectural Sheet Metal Inspection and Maintenance

Commercial Roof Repair Done Right

Our repair crews are very experienced and can service all commercial roofing systems – fully adhered, ballasted, built-up, mechanically fastened, metal retrofit, or TPO. PRS understands that a “small” leak can mean a BIG problem, and can quickly find the source and perform the repair.

Contact PRS for any of these repair services:

  • Roof Leak Tracking and Patching
  • Penetration Flashing
  • Roof Top Unit (RTU) Flashing, Sealing, and patching
  • Damage Repair (Fire or Weather)
  • Water Testing
  • Roof Drain Sealing and repair
  • Architectural Sheet Metal Repair

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Questions regarding the maintenance or repair of your roof?

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